I enjoy civic activities.  I moved my business to Mukilteo in 1992 and I liked it so much I moved my family to Mukilteo in 2007.  One of my children graduated from Kamiak in 2011 and three are currently in the system.  I support (gold level) and attend the Lighthouse Festival and Parade every year.  I always go to the VIP dinner on Saturday night.  I also go to the Kiwannis meetings and I am currently part of a group bringing a new fundraiser for Kiwannis, the Casino Night.  I go to all the school and sports events, usually with a car load of kids.  Sadly our community life is disappearing.  After 53 years the Lighthouse Parade is cancelled.  At the 2018 parade the mayor attended but none of the seven city council members participated.  The mayor did not attend the 2018 VIP fireworks event for the first time in my memory. The only Council member in attendance at the 2018 VIP fireworks event was Christine Cook. I understand that Anna Rohrbough was volunteering in the beer garden which is great. Where were the other five council members? Absent, which is the reason the Lighthouse Parade is now cancelled. The only Council Member that has or ever had children in the Mukilteo School District is Anna Rohrbough. It is therefore not surprising that Anna has very good Civic Engagement and the rest have less. The following is a list of civic events that I attend with regularity:

Peter Zieve Civic Engagement

  • Lighthouse Festival parade and VIP dinner sponsor and attendee

  • Kiwannis Club events and fundraising meetings

  • Columbia Elementary 5th grade overnight trip chaperone

  • Columbia Elementary 5th grade overnight trip chaperone

  • Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce monthly meetings

  • Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club U10 practices and games

  • City Council Meetings as non-elected observer

  • Electroimpact Youth Technology Lab

  • Harbour Pointe Middle School 7th grade football wrestling and track games

  • Knights basketball feeder team 3rd and 7th grade practices and games

  • Columbia Elementary family nights

  • Arlington Veteran’s Day Parade

  • Mukilteo Boys and Girls Club 3rd and 5th grade basketball

  • Knights football feeder team 5th grade practices games

  • Everett Fourth of July parade attendee

My inspiration to assist with the YMCA Skate Park, Electroimpact Youth Technology Camp and the Mukilteo Boys and Girls Club all stem from keeping my kids well directed inside of Mukilteo. How else could this happen? Outside of Mukilteo I am a member and regularly attend Temple Beth Or in Everett.  I have also attended Sunday services at the Four Square Church on Chennault Beach Road, Sulamita Slavic Church on Evergreen Drive and the Mukilteo Presbyterian Church.  I have been inspired by the services at all of these.