Wife of Candidate Peter Zieve | A Letter from Maria Zieve   

My name is Maria Zieve, wife to candidate Peter Zieve. My husband and I have been married for 12 years, and during those years we have raised four wonderful children together and three stepchildren whom I love with all my heart.

I have a degree in education; was formerly an elementary school teacher; was a PTA vice president at Columbia Elementary; and currently volunteer at Montessori. I am also a cancer survivor since 2001.

I feel compelled to write this letter to share with you the real Peter Zieve. It truly saddens me to read so many inaccuracies in articles, especially when it involves my marriage and children. I am disappointed that people, for political gossip, have involved themselves in our personal life. Peter is a wonderful father. He is involved in our kids’ lives in spite of his heavy workload as CEO and founder of Electroimpact.

My husband’s commitment to our community’s STEM programs, internship opportunities and monetary donations convey his passion to help others fulfill their true potential.
I thank God every day for the gift of life with all its blessings and challenges. I am positive that my husband, Peter Zieve, is the best candidate for Mukilteo City Council Postion 2.

Peter Zieve, Source: Mukilteo Beacon

This letter is in response to the July 5 letter to the editor of Kim Longmore (“Zieve’s record bodes poorly for families”), which is similar to the June 20 letter of Liza Patchen-Short, wife of council member Richard Emery (“Zieve’s record doesn’t reflect family values”). Richard Emery is the sponsor of the “welcoming city” resolution.

My wife has had a brain tumor since 2001, and it manifests in different ways. In one case due to the cancer, she lost control of her emotions, but all was quickly dismissed, so I don't know why you would bring that up.

In 2014, she collapsed due to the tumor and was in the rehab hospital on Pacific Avenue for a full month. I took the kids there every day to see her.

On Dec. 17, 2016, I was on a business trip in China. I had to rush home on the next flight because she had to go into the hospital for four days due to the same issue.

My hero for that episode was Kamiak graduate Sarah Madalina, who didn't leave our house until I got home.

Despite this adversity, our family is closer together than it has ever been. I understand that your “welcoming city” concept is not for my family.


Peter Zieve Has My Vote | A Letter From Lynn McKinney

Peter Zeive has my vote. I was impressed, he came about knocking door to door a few Saturdays ago. Seems to me that Champion is another “Boeing-ite,” looking out for the best interest of Boeing, vs our residential community.  Seems like he and other council members are attempting to be greedy, trying to devise a way to tax on AIRBNB and Vacasa type rentals of private homeowners.  They already pay property taxes.

I have also heard from reliable sources, that there is a conflict of interest and all too cozy relationship between Bob Champion and the mayor.

I would also like to see more resources for our young children and families, like a community center for the children.  Children are our future.


Zieve A Generous Family Man | A Letter by Amanda Uphaus

When my daughter was seriously injured at a Mukilteo daycare, Mr. Zieve's company immediately modified my husband's schedule so we could both care for her and continue working.

When my husband and I welcomed our son last fall, we enjoyed weeks of uninterrupted time together due to the generous paid family leave Mr. Zieve provides to all employees. His company's annual holiday party features kid-friendly activities, and he highlights the milestones of his employees' families alongside the company's successes that year.

Many company heads celebrate their success by buying mansions, fancy cars, and sending their kids to exclusive schools out of town. Not Mr. Zieve. He lives down the road from his company, drives an average car and sends his children to public schools.

Instead, he makes large donations to benefit our city's youth – including a $200,000 donation to the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club – and gives his company's profits right back to local families, including $117 million in profit sharing just to non-management employees.

Mr. Zieve has been prioritizing local families and our community's youth years before his campaign, and our city would benefit from his perspective on our council.


The hypocrisy of “Mukilteo for All” | A Letter by Sisay Desalegn

A group of people sent Mukilteo residents a card with the message of “don’t vote for Peter Zieve”. I am surprised it does not say “no” to a proposition, initiative, or bill.  They want us to say “no” to a person who is running for office to serve.
First, if they want Mukilteo to be “for all” as their logo and web site claim, it should and must include Peter Zieve and his vision for the city.  It is one thing to run for office with a vision for the city, but to just say “Mukilteo for all” but not for Peter reminds me of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.   “Some animals are equal but some animals are more equal than the others.”

Please come up with a vision and run for office if you would like, but attacking a person who has done good things in Mukilteo is just mean.

Second, when they sent their card to residents to warn us from Peter, they believe they are doing good.  When he sent a card to discuss keeping us safe from terror, it was portrayed as a crime.   I see this to be a double standard.

Finally, I want to say that I am a legal immigrant, a black American, and yet I feel welcomed in Mukilteo.  It is already a welcoming place for all!  There is no need to demonize a well-intentioned person.

They want us to say no to Peter, but I hope people will say yes to him instead.


Zieve Has A Welcoming Home | A Letter by Mario Lotmore

As a gay African American man, Peter Zieve and his family has welcomed me into their home for dinners, BBQs, games with the family and, at times, to offer guidance. I truly respect their friendship.

Peter’s kids are respectful and polite; they do not back talk their elders and are not troublemakers. The love between a father and son is evident, not only in the love returned to Peter by his young boys, but also the time they spend together playing sports, biking and bedtime stories – truly admirable.

Peter is running for City Council Position 2 to resolve the real issues facing Mukilteo, such as our city’s overall fiscal health and, in the Harbour Pointe area, rising property crime.


Zieve helped me, a Muslim woman, after divorce | A Letter from Kiran Quadeer

Like many women after an acrimonious divorce, I was left in both financial ruin and emotional distress. The divorce resulted in me having to close my business, and left me alone with two small children to support.

During this time of need, a mutual friend introduced me to the Zieve family. Initially, I was hesitant to approach this family because I come from a highly recognized Muslim family.
It turned out that the Zieve family was not judgmental, and were the most helpful and supportive people toward me and my two children. Peter turned what was a horrific situation into hope for my children’s needs.

I am truly grateful to the Zieve family, and especially Peter, for taking time to talk to me about my hardships and helping me tremendously with his words of wisdom. Peter is a controversial figure, but he is a man of heart and one of the few people who doesn’t emphasize my religious background.

His actions were priceless during my family’s time of need, and I know his vision to make Mukilteo a better place for families is the right direction for our community.

My name is Kiran Quadeer, a strong and highly distinguished Muslim Mukilteo resident. I am requesting my fellow Mukilteo residents to elect Peter Zieve to Mukilteo Council Position 2.


Peter is the Best Candidate for the Job | A Letter by Rosalie

 went to this forum last night.  It was very interesting.  Peter Zieve set himself apart from the other 5 candidates by not being part of the tax and spend bunch.  As many of you know I volunteer for Peter. I wish I could talk to everyone in Mukilteo about the fine, generous, kind and brilliant man he is.  I did talk to some residents while doing door-to-door campaigning. It's amazing how many people don't vote and don't care anything about how our city is run. Mukilteo was over 20,000 people in the 2010 census but only 24% of them vote.  I encourage you to fill out your ballot which I understand is now in the mail and vote for Peter Zieve.
Peter is Mukilteo's largest employer (591) through his business Electroimpact and he's our largest taxpayer.  (Electroimpact has offices world-wide and fabricates composite parts of giant wings of Boeing's 777X using a new generation of robotic machines and manufactures many other high-tech aerospace parts.)  Peter is against the excessive taxes most of our current city council wants to impose including the sales tax up to 10.4% which will make it the highest in the nation!  He says he runs a tight company budget which is several times the city budget and he knows how to cut unnecessary costs.  Peter is brilliant (I counted 25 patents of his on the Internet - https://patents.justia.com/inventor...). He was the top of his class at MIT and has his PhD in engineering and many say he's an eccentric genius; and he says if elected he won't accept a salary.  His son, also a brilliant engineer, is pretty much running his company which gives Peter time to do some of the things he enjoys which happens to include running for office to make Mukilteo a better place to live.  Peter's the underdog and he's up against the City Council president Bob Champion who is in his 3rd year as president.  (Champion is all for the higher taxes.)

No one brought up the Champion/Gregerson conflict of interest issue at the forum which is not surprising (hosted by the Beacon) but it has clearly impacted a lot of voters who find it intolerable as final decisions are made by the City Council president based on this romantic relationship with the mayor which are clearly against the separation of powers.

Again, our ballots are in the mail and I encourage you to vote for Peter Zieve.  He will be a tremendous positive impact on our city government and how it uses your money!


Elect a Reverent Representative | A Letter by Don Fossedal

As a non-denominational Christian, I have come to know Peter as a genuinely and astutely reverent man. Before I met Peter, I had strongly assumed that he was a Caucasian Christian; I couldn't have been more presumptuous. His ethnicity is Semitic, not Caucasian, and he is a good Jewish man.
Peter is humble enough to read from The Great Jewish Joke Book yet is serious about taking his three boys to Synagogue. Peter proves every day that he highly values the holistic health of children and the importance of family.

Not a single person on our council openly recognizes the value of our diverse local religious community. Mr. Zieve is proud of his faith.  I'd like to see Mukilteo elect its first Jewish representative to the council because I believe Mukilteo is inclusive of ALL religions, including Judaism.