Why Is Peter Zieve Running?

I enjoy meeting, interacting with and improving the lives of the people of Mukilteo.  I want to get to know all of you and I am excited to serve.  I hardly ever leave Mukilteo.  My thirty-nine years of running a business indicate that I have much to offer.  Electroimpact has over six hundred employees and Mukilteo has about seventy.  Read my positions on this web page and let me know which ones you agree with and which ones you don’t. At the kickoff barbecue on June 23 I invited all of Mukilteo to my house using Facebook advertising. I purchased this house in 2007. I told the story of how I first discovered and moved to Mukilteo in 1992. I have enjoyed working for Electroimpact every year from 1986 until 2019. There is no job I would rather have than an engineer at Electroimpact and no place I would rather be than Mukilteo. If I don’t succeed this cycle you can count on me to be back in two years because I enjoy it, every step of the way.


Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1954 into a family with six children.  From 1972 until 1980 Peter studied Electrical and Environmental Engineering at MIT. In 1977 Peter founded EFB Inc, an MIT spin-off company.  EFB is an air pollution control business, making filter systems for the pulp and paper industry. EFB made three sales in Vancouver BC which got him interested in the Pacific Northwest region. He stayed with EFB Inc until 1983 when he entered graduate school at the University of Washington to eventually earn a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.  As part of his PhD program he invented and was awarded a patent on the Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter which served as the foundation for Electroimpact.  Peter Zieve founded Electroimpact in June, 1986 the day after his graduation from the University of Washington.  Electroimpact did not request government grants. None were asked for and none were received. Boeing referred to our first shop on Blakeley St in Seattle as the “garage”. The impression they had of the garage was not good.

  • Elected Experience

    • PCO Mukilteo 13th precinct (7 years)

  • Professional Experience

    • CEO of Electroimpact, Mukilteo (1986-Present)

    • Research Assistant Professor, University of Washington (1986-1988)

  • Education

    • BS and MS Electrical Engineering MIT, 1978

    • MS Environmental Engineering MIT, 1980

    • PhD Mechanical Engineering University of Washington, 1986

  • engagement with mukilteo

  • Community Service

    • Camp Solomon Schechter Board Member

    • Implemented an Electroimpact Internship Program (200 Kamiak kids)

    • Educational assistance for STEM career paths

    • Contributor and sponsor to the following: local STEM programs, UofW SAE car program, PTA events, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Lighthouse Festival and Destination Imagination


    • A quick search (shown below) lists 28 US Patents awarded to Peter Zieve. The first two are from the air pollution business 4144359 and 4505723. Most significant is 4862043 which allowed Electroimpact to grow because it covered a manufacturing technique “Electroimpact” that the aerospace industry has adopted. These patents have allowed me to do many good things for my employees and for Mukilteo.


In 1992 Boeing was pushing Electroimpact to leave the “garage” on Blakeley Street near the University of Washington and move to an appropriate factory space. I was lucky to find and purchase the building at 4606 107th St SW, Mukilteo. This is across the street from the YMCA but the YMCA was not yet there. It was just trees.


Electroimpact was needing larger buildings and we sought a nearly location outside of the business park. We completed Building C in 2002. In the picture you can still see the Peterson farm to the east of Bldg C. There was prodigious traffic between the sites because over one hundred engineers needed to go back and forth from their desk at Lowbay (4606 107th) to their project at Hibay (4503 Chennault Beach Rd). Finally Peterson was willing to sell us the farm and we built Bldg A at 4413 Chennault Beach Rd. This has been our corporate home since 2010 and we expect to be here for a long time. We sold the Lowbay building to HD Pacific.


Daughter in-law Jane was attending freshman year at Roosevelt High School when we purchased the home at 10517 62nd Place W in Mukilteo. We moved to Mukilteo the day after the last day of school her freshman year and Jane entered Kamiak High School. Jane graduated from Kamiak in 2011. She is married with one child and a second on the way. She is also working toward a degree from the University of Washington Tacoma campus. Maria and I have three boys. David is entering eighth grade at Harbour Pointe Middle School and he loves basketball. Daniel is entering sixth grade at Harbour Pointe Middle School and he loves football. Max is at Columbia Elementary.

Video of cool Electroimpact Machines built by Kamiak Graduates: Kyle Fitzpatrick, Andrew Lauletta, Marcus Boyle, Hannah Conrad, Ben Wiggins, Tyler Field, Sarah Madalina, Michael Madalina, Austin Vanderweilen, and Ben Larkin

In Everett, Boeing is transitioning from building test parts to real parts for the 777X airplane. KING 5's Glenn Farley takes a look inside and finds big changes.

Mukilteo Boys and Girl’s Club

Driving my kids to basketball practice at locations as far away as Olivia Park Elementary made the idea of a Boys and Girls Club in Harbour Pointe very attractive to me. When approached by Chuck Davis I offered to start the fundraising off by offering a personal contribution of $200,000. We used the Electroimpact H parking lot for the groundbreaking ceremony on Feb 26, 2018. The idea of using the Electroimpact parking lot for the club fields was raised and we signed over the use of that parking lot for five years. Without the use of the Electroimpact parking lot the Mukilteo Boys and Girls Club was not able to get a permit to allow the use of their new playfields. The commercial value of the parking lot is about $1M.


I wanted a Youth Technology Lab to keep my kids away from spending too much time on Fortnight. I decided to create my own inside of Electroimpact. It is very successful and has been written up twice by the Beacon. The Youth Technology Lab employs trainers from the Kamiak Robotics Club. We offer it free to the youth of Mukilteo.


Email: peterzieve@gmail.com

Phone: 4252934203

Facebook: @peterzieve