For my family, MUKILTEO LIVING is 24/7 - school activities; sports; YMCA; the annual lighthouse parade; tree lighting celebration; biking around town; and as a parent, you can share my feeling of not thinking twice about our kid’s safety. Mukilteo Living represents something distinctive and better than Seattle.  The council, led by Council President Bob Champion, has passed more and more "Seattle-like" legislation threatening that Mukilteo Living.   

Mukilteo is ready for a change to a “Family and Resident” focus direction.  My promise to the Mukilteo reader and voter is to use my business acumen and experience to work together with other council members to develop and implement well-balanced solutions to protect our Mukilteo Living by making sure our city's tax revenues are properly spent and advocating for both impartial and transparent leadership both of which my opponent has failed to demonstrate.



We must put an end to the potential collusion and backdoor deals with our money because of the alleged ROMANTIC INVOLVEMENT between Council President Bob Champion and Mukilteo Mayor Gregerson.  Allegedly violating the SEPARATION OF POWERS is a concern for all the residents of Mukilteo.  As Mayor, Jennifer Gregerson is the executor; whereas Bob Champion the President of the Council, is responsible for BUDGET, AGENDA ITEMS, and CITY POLICY.  Bob Champion is the deciding vote on matters of policy.  I encourage everyone to review the voting history for the last few years to look for themselves from the minutes posted on the city’s website and review the instances Bob Champion’s vote passed policy to break a tied council vote.       >>> Click here for Champion-Gregerson alleged affair in Mukilteo Beacon <<< 

One questions how many other members of the Council or staff knew of this alleged affair and the resulting conflict of interest?  Were they threatened not to come forward?  In the age of HARVEY WEINESTEIN, we cannot just turn a blind eye and allow a person in power to rule with fear and intimidation...Mukilteo deserves better!




Has Council President Bob Champion's decision making ability with your money and trust been compromised because of his unethical leadership? Under Bob Champion’s term the city wasted $700,000 on a futile court case against the airport; discussions of a $150,000 “Peace Park” nowhere near Kamiak High School; the approval of an $83,000/yr unnecessary policy analyst position (which the council had the votes not to approve but it happened anyway); delay after delay of the still unbuilt Boys & Girls Club; outlandish travel and discretionary expenses and the list goes on. 

On top of these, Council President Bob Champion’s TBD is now proposing an additional annual $1.35 million.  The council has a history of wasteful spending such as the $18 million Rosehill Center that provides little for Mukilteo residents (kids and senior) and a new $7 million City Hall building in which there are talks to spend an exorbitant $85,000 to resurface only half the parking lot and to take monies away from Parks & Recreation to fund it.  

Bob Champion voted to create the Transportation Benefit District (TBD). We have a Department of Public Works, so why did Champion create the TBD?  The TBD has brought us Proposition 1.  I recommend every voter to vote “NO” on Mukilteo Proposition 1. If Mukilteo Proposition 1 passes, your sales tax will increase to 10.4% - the highest in the United States!  We learned at the Oct. 2 council meeting that 47% of the resulting funds will be used to hire TBD staff, not pavement. The current sales tax of 10.3% is high enough and should not be increased. 

To avoid the constant pressure to raise taxes, city government should reduce spending and leverage Mukilteo’s proximity to Paine field to attract new tax dollars instead of turning to the existing base to pay for improvements. As your city council representative, I will fight against plans to raise sales tax, property tax, and car tabs. When elected, I will not accept any salary or reimbursement to serve the city. Any amount I receive will be contributed to Mukilteo public safety.


Supporters at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Parade - September 2017

Primary Election Victory Party - August 2017

My good friend Sisay Desalegn

My good friend Sisay Desalegn

Peter having coffee with Riaz Khan at our local Starbucks

Peter having coffee with Riaz Khan at our local Starbucks


Max: Columbia Elementary 2nd Grade, Daniel: Columbia Elementary 4th Grade, David: Harbour Pointe Middle School 6th Grade, Jane: Kamiak '11

Max: Columbia Elementary 2nd Grade, Daniel: Columbia Elementary 4th Grade, David: Harbour Pointe Middle School 6th Grade, Jane: Kamiak '11

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